Wildflowers Too features original art, fine crafts, glass pottery, sculptures and gifts by over 35 artists and fine crafters , some local and others international.   A visit to Wildflowers Too takes you to another world – a place where creativity and whimsy and beauty carry the day, every single day.  It’s a wonderful place to experience, to bring friends, to visit again and again.

A Sampling of  Art at Wildflowers Too! Gallery

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Soft Sea - Frederick Ballet
Beach Visitors - Frederick Ballet
Viking Village Fleet - Frederick Ballet
Sunrise Surf - Frederick Ballet
Lightning Strike - Frederick Ballet
Sweet Dreams - Doris Peltzman
Geisha with the red earring - Doris Peltzman
The Green Kimono -- Doris Peltzman
Learning to Fish - Susan Barnes
Chasing the Surf - Susan Barnes
Close Call - Susan Barnes
Beached at the Bay - Susan Barnes
Ms. Heather - Peg Reilly
Mr. Kellian - Peg Reilly
Red Hot Astor Place Peg Reily
Looking East - Mark Oldland
Electric Field - Mark Oldland
A Hero's Painting - Mark Oldland
Guarding the Fog - Linda Ramsay
Sunflowers - Linda Ramsay
Lilac Bike - Linda Ramsay
Bathers i - Linda Ramsay
Pastel Clams - Linda Ramsay
Bridge - Eric van der Vlugt
Blue Tractor - Eric van der Vlugt
Weathered Fence on the Dune - Joyce Millman29x29
Cape May Nature Walk - Joyce Millman
Beach Trail - Joyce Millman
Into the Woods 12x12
NJ Dune 161/2x24
Manayunk Blue Sky
Philadelphia City Hall
Rebecca Grace Jones
Rebecca Grace Jones
Rebecca Grace Jones
Kevin Coogan
Kevin Coogan
Windings of the Sea 30x40
Treasue of Blue  25" X 25"
Joy  26" X 21"
Rainbow Over the Lighthouse
Old Barney 12 X 12
A Sampling of  Gifts and Other Wonderful Things at Wildflowers Too! Gallery
Storypeople Sculpture
Art Morphistory Book
Laminated Placemats
Fish Tile
Storypeople Print
Pure Sea Glass
Bachelor pad