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Wildflowers Too features original art, fine crafts, glass pottery, sculptures and gifts by over 35 artists and fine crafters , some local and others international.   A visit to Wildflowers Too takes you to another world – a place where creativity and whimsy and beauty carry the day, every single day.  It’s a wonderful place to experience, to bring friends, to visit again and again.

A Sampling of  Art at Wildflowers Too! Gallery

Click on center image for larger view and additional info on the art

Jetty at Sunrise
Blue Bike
Coming to the Surface
Moonlit Wave
Rhapsody in Blue
Fibonacci Shell
Maple Starburst
Jetty Sunrise 36 x 24
Lighthouse 36 x 24
Soft Summer Sun 36 x 24
Looking North 15 x 24
Cape May Nature Walk - Joyce Millman
Into the Woods 12x12
Beach Trail - Joyce Millman
LBI Rooftops 24 x 24
Waterfront Sunset 14 x 18 framed
Beach Scene 9.5 x 13.5 framed
Downtown Freehold 14 x 18 framed
Evening Ride 9.5 x 13.5 framed
Keyport 14 x 18 framed
Blue Hull Sailing 16 x 12
Cats Under Sail
Sailor's Dream 12 x 16
9th St.After the Rain Passed 17 x 21 framed
Beachgoers at the Jersey Shore 12 x 16 framed
Ms. Heather - Peg Reilly
Mr. Kellian - Peg Reilly
Red Hot Astor Place Peg Reily
Abandoned LBI
Barnegat Bay Sky
Bridge - Eric van der Vlugt
Blue Tractor - Eric van der Vlugt
Rainbow Over the Lighthouse
Philadelphia City Hall
Waiting 16 x 20
Manayunk Blue Sky
Old Barney 12 X 12
Joy  26" X 21"
Treasue of Blue  25" X 25"
Vikinv Village Boats 24 x 20
Gull and Trawler
Kevin Coogan
Kevin Coogan
Sunrise Boats
Night Boats
A Sampling of  Gifts and Other Wonderful Things at Wildflowers Too! Gallery
Storypeople Sculpture
Art Morphistory Book
Laminated Placemats
Fish Tile
Storypeople Print
Pure Sea Glass
Bachelor pad
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